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Disney anything and everything!

prep and countdown to our romantic disney trip. =)
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 Anastasia State Park

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PostSubject: Anastasia State Park   Anastasia State Park I_icon_minitimeFebruary 12th 2010, 22:27

so i was looking around on one of the forums yesterday and i came across a picture of a firepit with a little boy roasting marshmallows over it. it looked like he was at the beach that travels along the polynesian so it made me curious, it seemed like a lot of fun so i investigated a bit more, found this:

Quote :
Originally Posted by lissiesmum
It's awesome! It's on the beach at the GF right after the Wedding Pavilion. First they have a campfire where you roast marshmallows and make smores (I think the kit was around $7). They have a sound system set up and they play the Disney channel type of music (Jonas Bros, Hannah Montana, Demi Lovato, HSM, etc). My DD danced on the beach and had a ball. After the roast, they played some dance songs such as YMCA, chicken dance, We are Family, Electric slide, etc. The whole family was dancing. We left after the smores and dancing because we wanted to get back to the Poly for WIshes, but they had a big screen outside set up for Finding Nemo. This activity was one of our favorites! Plus, the walk over is so nice...we walked by the luau and could hear teh music, and of course you have the torchlit paths , the monorail to your right, and the sun setting...pure heaven!

looked into it a bit further and even posted the singalong info from tikiman's site on another thread. that's cute and everything, but i wold rather it be more private for us, ya know? so i started thinking about how we're going to be going to the beach earlier in our trip and found saint augustine beach's official site. i e-mailed them this:

Quote :
----- Original Message -----
From: Brittani L
To: islandguide@staugustinebeach.net
Sent: Thursday, February 11, 2010 4:47 PM
Subject: Hi, i have a question to ask.

This is probably a very random question for you, but my boyfriend and I are going to be stopping to rest in Saint augustine in December on our way to Orlando and I thought it would be romantic to somehow incorporate s'mores and a walk on the beach in our stay. What are the rules for small fires? Are there pits located anywhere?

Thanks a bunch!

well, this morning they responded big grin :

Quote :
From: "Cassandra - World Web Master" <admin@worldwebmaster.com>
To: "Brittani L" <loveisstatic@yahoo.com>

It is a great idea. I would go to Anastasia State Park as they have picnic facilities, pristine beach and a lovely area. To find out more please visit

it's a 2.50 mi/6 minute drive from the marriott we're gong to be staying at, and an 8.00 admission fee to get onto the grounds. we'll be stopping somewhere to get our tree anyway, so we could pick up some s'more fixins while we're there...assuming we have time of course.

just an idea, but whatcha think?

Anastasia State Park Afb6yjlw6mfu230c

Anastasia State Park Hearrrt doug always and always. =)
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Anastasia State Park
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